Kailee Robinson HD Teen Spanking Videos

I proudly present to you… the many painful faces Kailee Robinson makes while getting a spanking!

kailee-robinson-teen-spanking-videos-01 kailee-robinson-teen-spanking-videos-02 kailee-robinson-teen-spanking-videos-03
kailee-robinson-teen-spanking-videos-04 kailee-robinson-teen-spanking-videos-05 kailee-robinson-teen-spanking-videos-06
kailee-robinson-teen-spanking-videos-07 kailee-robinson-teen-spanking-videos-08 kailee-robinson-teen-spanking-videos-09

I’ve collected a bunch of images of Kailee where she has a painful look on her face. She’s so cute when she knows she’s going to get spanked!

Click on the thumbnails to see a larger image.

There’s actually a Full HD movie of this Kailee Robinson scene. (click this link for a gallery with even bigger images!!!)

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9 Responses to “Kailee Robinson HD Teen Spanking Videos”

  1. JayG Says:

    Kailee is great! One of the best looking women on the web. Followed her from Real Spanking to Dallas Spanks Hard to Girl’s Boarding School and will join any website if she’s part of it. Has she ever considered any of the Kink.com websites?


    bonjour! je ne lis pas l’anglais. J’ai du mal à suivre les informations et les propositions sur Kalee. SVP pourriez-vous m’indiquer un site où je trouve des séquences sur elle. MERCI

  3. meshooo5 Says:

    hi kailee you are the best spanking model on the web
    i love your ass, its wonderfull
    but i have a question:
    why you let chelsea pfeiffer spank you that hard in the movie ” kailee in highly inappropriate” i felt that eyes will exit out of your head
    she took your dignity away
    i felt sorry for you for this movie.
    and when you spanked her in the movie” the switheroo” you was very kind and gentle with her Why?

  4. meshooo5 Says:

    hi kailee
    you are so beautiful
    you you don’t spank chelsea or any other model spank her as she does with you?
    or she doesn’t let you spank her?
    its impose that spanking models spank each other and get spanked only from other models that let the others spank them.
    why you and other models permit chelsea pfeiffer spank you, while she didn’t let you do the same?
    Do you not feel jealous and insult your dignity because of that?

  5. ervin Says:

    Están muy buenos los videos e imagenes de Kailee Robinson, se vee que es una chica aguantadora a la paliza de la caña, y palas, aunque esta muy bonita de cara, pero se mira mas bonita sus nalgas inchadas con ronchas, y marcas………………

  6. steve black Says:

    you are the best i have all the dvds i can find!

  7. steve black Says:

    you are the best i have all your dvd units i can find.i love your stuff!!!!!!!!!!!!

  8. rspf Says:

    i very love to see vid. you are the best spanking model on the web

    are Still getting ???

    I did not see your new movies

  9. Jim Says:

    Hey Kailee, I am a fan for very long time. How much is it rouge and how much real? Is there anywhere I can watch you life?

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